Cherie's Wings of Hope

Thank you for visiting Cherie's Wings of Hope team page. Together we are participating in the 2019 CT RACE IN THE PARK.

This is so incredibly personal, it always has been, but somehow this year more than ever.  I suspect this is my last opportunity to be the team captain of the awesome team Cherie's Wings of Hope.  I'm so proud of this team and what we've done over the years.  My ability to participate in this year's race remains to be seen.  I will tell you that if I can be there with my tiara, feather boa and crazy sexy cancer goddess tank top, I will be there.  I would love for you to join me or support the team in any way that feels right to you.  You can support the team through participation in one of the events, donation, coming and cheering or sending positive energy from wherever you are.  Share in the fun, laughter, sadness, tears and memories as we honor my journey and the journey of others who have walked this path.

Your support is greatly appreciated.




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